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BMW Revival

The story of how my 1976 BMW Motorcycle was reincarnated as a 1975.

Back in 1984 I bought a used 1976 BMW R90/6 with 18,000 miles on the odometer. I rode it all over the country until 1998 when the motor siezed with 133,000 miles. I bought another motorcycle (a 1998 HD FLH) the next year, but kept the old Airhead with the intent of rebuilding it. Five years later I finally got around to the project. Below is a photo journal.

October 26, 2003:  I am in the process of reviving my 1976 BMW R90/6 with 133,000 miles on the odometer. I am hoping to finish in the Spring depending on time and money. I'll be posting more photos as I make progress.

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Update December 11, 2003:  My revival project has hit a snag. I found out that the damage to the motor is catastrophic and would cost well over $4000 to repair. So now I'm in search of a "short block" or complete engine.

Update December 18, 2003:  My revival project has turned into a re-incarnation. I bought 75 R90/6 bare engine and frame (with the title) from a guy in Sacramento. The engine has 20K on it and the frame has a fairly recent powder coat. Combined with the necessary parts from my 1976, a brand new motorcycle will hopefully emerge. Stay tuned.

Update May 10, 2004:  Below are photos of how the re-incarnation is progressing so far.All the parts and supplies have been gathered. Now all I need is the time to put it together. I am hoping to have it together and running by the end of June. The first photo is what I started with: frame, short block engine, fork tubes, front turn signals, wiring harness, headlight shell with wiring block. The second photo shows the installed starter, charging system, top cover, and transmission.


Base Start






Update June 5, 2004:  More Progess. The "end of June" prediction is looking better. It may not be painted by then, but hopefully it will be running and ride-able.

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Update June 13:  Installed front brake system, handle bars & controls, cleaned & rebuilt carbs

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Update June 20:  Removed Boyer ignition, installed Dyna III, centerstand, Brown sidestand, new exhaust system

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Final Update July 15:  BMW Reincarnation

Finally! She lives and breathes again. This revival has been a long time coming and I'm savoring it. Tomorrow she gets licensed and taken out for a shake down cruise.

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