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Nevada became the 35th State of the U.S. in 1864.  It is the 7th largest state with over 110,500 square miles, most of it sparsely populated. It was one of the last frontiers in the lower 48 states, having some of the last great mining booms before the Alaska gold rush. The story of the State of Nevada is one of boom and bust, with whole towns appearing, growing into sizeable towns, and then abandoned in the space of a single decade or less after the mines in the area played out.  As a consequence, Nevada is covered with a number of ghost towns, near ghost towns, and abandoned mining camps. Nevada was also a historical byway for the nation's westward expansion, including the California pioneer trails the first transcontinental railroad, the Pony Express, and the first transcontinental telegraph. There's plenty to explore, especially for those willing and able to leave the pavement.

State of Nevada